19 dic. 2012

Welcome to Pretty Little Shite

Hello people,
So this is my very first post on Pretty Little Shite! So excited to start this new blog. This is not the first blog I have ever done, but I was looking for a fresh start so lets go!

This blog will be basically about the little shite (yes, its shit in british slang) that I like. From food, to places, to fashion, make up, music and books. Just a little bit of everything that inspires me, this will be a place to get away and just express myself. 

So who is the person behind the blog? My name is Diana, I was born and raised in a country called Colombia, in South America. I am currently living in Montreal, Canada, where I go to college. I study International Business and I am 19 years old. Not much else to say about me, lets just let the blog do all the talking. 

I hope you guys like it and find inspiration here.